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Ask HN: I'm a solopreneur and I feel demoralised

Created a throwaway for a variety of reasons. I am currently running a profitable service business, making $10k+/mo. But I feel miserable and I don't understand why. The work I get to do is easy and enjoyable. The clients I get to work with are great. Once I get started working I get stuff done pretty quickly, but the problem is getting started every morning. ONCE I get started, everything is fine, but every day I feel demoralised to GET STARTED. The time period of waking up until getting started feels absolutely miserable. I have no idea how to solve it since, from my perspective, it isn't clear what the problem is. Like I said, the work + customers are fantastic. But why do I still feel so demoralised and horrible every single morning? How could I solve this?

Update: Additional info

* I work from home

* I only work 5 days a week, around 3/4h a day.

* Don't follow a specific diet and don't exercise regularly

I've been struggling with this feeling for a few months now and I can't seem to see why. My days are not long, the work itself is fun, but to get started in the morning is absolute hell. I keep postponing work until late in the afternoon sometimes.