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Ask HN: I'm teaching my wife to code. What direction should we go?

My wife has shown interest in learning how to code in order to find flexible (or, even better, remote) work in the future, i.e. after the kids start going to kindergarten and/or school. She has no prior CS experience and has a Bachelor's in French and Norwegian Literature.

I was leaning towards starting her journey with Python, since (1) it's pretty popular and can be used in many different contexts (backend, data analysis, ML, etc.), it's (2) quite beginner friendly, with great learning resources and (3) I have prior experience with it.

Lately, however, I started wondering if I shouldn't push her towards front-end, i.e. HTML/CSS and eventually JS and a respectable framework or two. I did some substantial AngularJS projects a while back, so I could support her if we chose this direction. She is quite inclined towards design and has a good sense of color palettes, fonts, arrangements, etc. (IMHO).

We are located in Germany, and, as far as I've seen, there are many more freelance jobs looking for JS/Angular/React or similar than anything with Python. That might not be a problem when looking for remote work, but some local customers might be interesting for building her portfolio. I could imagine getting some clients under my name and having her "on the team" for the beginning.

Does anybody have any experiences worth sharing? Any pointers, valuable lessons, must-do things?